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Lucas C. Majure
University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History

“I have worked with Rapid Genomics on several small- and large-scale projects and have been impressed with their attention to detail, flexibility and professionalism. The high-quality data I have received from a number of poor-quality, degraded DNAs that I have sent them over the course of several projects has allowed me to integrate species into phylogenetic analyses that would not have been possible otherwise. They are a great team to work with and are excellent at putting together experimental projects tailored to individual lab needs.”

Natalie Graham

“We have been working with Rapid Genomics for 7 years, developing a high throughput SNP discovery/genotyping solution for radiata pine. Successfully overcoming many of the challenges presented by complex conifer genomes, their exome capture platform has been a fundamental part of our journey to implementing genomic selection. As they continue to grow their portfolio of services, they generally have a solution for any project and any budget. A friendly, helpful, and flexible team who deliver results!”

Lloyd McCall
Americot, Inc.
Gossypium hirsutum (upland cotton)

We are not a large multi-crop, multi-national organization and often find that we get a lower level of service as compared to them. We have not experienced that with Rapid Genomics. We’ve found that turn-around time is good, price fits within our organization, questions are answered promptly, issues are addressed quickly and fairly, and they work like a partner who is interested in us being successful. I’m not sure what more could be desired.

Dr. David Lentz
Mesoamerican Plants

Orin McCormick and his highly knowledgeable team of geneticists and bioinformaticists at Rapid Genomics have been enormously helpful in our research efforts, especially in sequencing and deciphering the results of our DNA extractions from Mesoamerican archaeological deposits. They were extraordinarily cooperative and helped us all along the way to ensure that our results were reliable and scientifically meaningful. Indeed, working with Rapid Genomics was an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Stephen Keller
University of Vermont
Picea rubens (red spruce) & Humulus lupulus (hops)

I’ve worked with Rapid Genomics on several sequence capture projects dealing with large, repetitive genomes, and have been 100% satisfied. Their knowledgeable staff worked with me to design probe sets and sequencing coverage with high on-target success rates. Importantly, they fully met my projects’ needs while also staying within my budget. The turnaround on getting my data back was faster than promised, and they’ve been always very responsive to my followup questions. I highly recommend them for projects large and small. You’ll receive great customer service and quality data that meets your budget and timeframe.

Shannon D. Fehlberg
Desert Botanical Garden
Hedgehog Cactus (genus Echinocereus)

Working with Rapid Genomics has enabled us to acquire high-quality WGS data across a wide variety of plant species. We can always depend on them for excellent pricing, good communication, ability to work with sometimes difficult samples, fast turn-around time, and quality results. We keep coming back to Rapid Genomics with new projects because of their reliability, consistency, and flexibility.

Md Sariful Islam
Sugarcane hybrid

It was great for me to work with you. I got appropriate support regarding the data and bioinformatics analysis. I do appreciate your help and support.

Leonardo Lillo
Premade Libraries

Our experience with Rapid Genomics was really good, they work with high-quality standards, we felt that our lab was their lab. It's very important to find partners that have your same work style and commitment and we think we found it in Rapid Genomics. Also, they deliver the raw data very quickly, which is very important for this business because the turnaround time is always a deciding factor for our customers.

María Rosario García Gil
Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, Faculty of Forestry, SLU
Scots pine and Norway spruce

Back in 2013, a team of few researchers from the SLU and Umeå University decided to approach Norway spruce genome sequencing. What may now feel a bit more affordable felt at that time a hulking task as we were facing a 25Gb genome. Other downstream projects were designed, among them the largest, at that time, Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) in the same species. It was when we approached Rapid Genomics as the leading company in the field of plant genome sequencing. Luckily to us, they took the challenge and managed to develop a set of 40K well-performing exome capture probes. Those probes have produced exceptionally relevant data that has been utilized for the dissection of complex traits such as wood quality, growth, and wood chemical composition (work in progress), and it has been essential for developing an SNP chip, already being tested. Working together with the RapidGenomic tool was more than a commercial relationship, we were doing cutting edge science. And now is time for Scots pine where a new challenge has been presented to my colleagues at RapidGenomics who have not hesitated to accept, back to business.

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