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Stop wasting, start saving
Every genome contains repetitive elements that are not suitable for WGS analysis, translating to wasted resources on sequencing. This is particularly true in low-pass genome skimming and imputation, where efficiently generating <1x sequencing depth is essential to cost-effective use in commercial agriculture

GD-Seq (repetitive element genome depletion sequencing) maximizes your efficiency sequencing resources, improving data in low-copy, non-repetitive genomic regions for easier imputation and breeding selections.

Enhanced discovery

  • Use GD-Seq to identify markers large, repetitive genomes where WGS won’t work

Improved efficiency

  • Lower cost genome skimming vs WGS

Tissue/DNA to FASTQ data, SNPs and more

  • Minimum 500 samples for DNA extraction
  • Up to 4-week turnaround times

Take genome skimming to the next level

GD-Seq minimizes waste by removing repetitive DNA elements and boosting coverage of the most informative, low copy genomic regions.

These advances over WGS technology improve exon coverage by up to 500% at equivalent sequencing resources, delivering a new level of cost-efficiency at any scale.


GD-Seq Technology

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Maize GD-Seq vs WGS – Example Data

Maize samples were processed using GD-Seq and traditional whole-genome sequencing protocols. Both datasets were generated using equal sequencing efforts and analyzed for read depth in all exons of the B73 reference genome. GD-Seq results recovered 90% of all exons and sequencing depth improved by 300% – 500%, suitable for discovery and genome skimming applications.

GD-Seq is only the beginning

In addition to end-to-end GD-Seq solutions, we provide specialized data analysis and bioinformatics support, including but not limited to:

  • Marker & structural variant discovery: SNPs
  • Haplotype phasing
  • Loci mapping: QTL & gene identification
  • Germplasm characterization & PCA studies

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