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In today’s world, consumers want to know what they’re eating and where it came from. Modern global food chains present a world of possibilities and questions to answer. We’re here to help by delivering the most advanced pathogen screening and detection tests with the power of next-generation sequencing (NGS).

NGS testing vs PCR & culture-based testing

  • Greater sensitivity and improved subtyping accuracy
  • No development necessary to start comprehensive testing
  • Screen for multiple pathogens in one test
  • No need for complex culture requirements
  • High throughput & automated to minimize the risk of errors

Business impacts

  • Trace outbreaks within and between facilities through continuous monitoring
  • Validate ingredients and detect adulterants: misidentifications, allergens & contaminants
  • Build consumer confidence and reduce the risk of recalls
  • Make confident decisions with actionable data and reporting

    Campylobacter OLST: The next generation of bacterial subtyping

    Bacteria continue to evolve, leaving traditional traceability and identification methods like housekeeping genes and multilocus sequence typing (MLST) unable to resolve more nuanced genetic differences between subtypes.

    We found a better way: the Omnilocus sequence typing (OLST) system.

    The OLST platform delivers industry-leading identification and characterization of pathogens like Campylobacter, using 26 validated loci to distinguish subtypes.

    OLST Results Example

    Species X was collected and analyzed against the MLST database which provided inconclusive results. Subsequent analysis through the OLST database provided greater specificity in matching the sample to the best subtype.

    OLST can be developed and applied to any bacterial pathogen

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