Bioinformatic Analysis

At Rapid Genomics, our industry-leading solutions are complemented by a full bioinformatics team of expert data scientists, ready to assist at the start or conclusion of any program or project.

Our team is here to help with:

  • Identifying and understanding your goals, whatever the size or shape
  • Consultative planning solutions around your needs
  • Analyzing your data and delivering final reports

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RNA Sequencing

RNA-Seq provides a full view of transcriptomic activity at the time of sample collection, producing data for powerful qualitative and quantitative trait studies. We provide full-service RNA-Seq solutions for:

  • Gene discovery
  • Splice site identification
  • Transcriptome assembly
  • Capture-Seq probe development
  • Non-model organisms
  • Orthologous loci

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If your samples have already been processed, we offer NGS-only services for prepared libraries.

Improved turnaround times
Core facilities have long queues and unpredictable timelines. We can sequence your samples on short notice with faster turnaround times.

The art to the science
All sequencing providers are not created equal. Data quality is a core value at Rapid Genomics and we are committed to providing high-quality results for well-made libraries.